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initial risk assessment tool

3 steps
  1. determine scope
  2. assess risk
  3. prioritize
pre-risk assessment check list
  1. attorney directed+involved for various privileges of product
  2. determine scope, resources: labor, team, compliance expertise, time
  3. which departments, systems, processes, personnel
  4. review past RAs, hotline data

qualitative risk assessment work table


 area review documents
 interview personnel
 identify risk
 strategy to correct risk
 coding and billing
 kick backs

quantify risk and prioritize

 risk qualitative
 liability / severity
 probability / likelihood
 risk quantitative priority

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disclaimer: this is my academic and work product and doesn't constitute advice of any form.


Dr. Visa (c)

Visa Haran,
Aug 3, 2015, 1:08 PM